DEFRA to develop waste ‘responsibility deals’, says Spellman

Announcing the Coalition Government’s commitment to establishing ‘Responsibility Deals’, Caroline Spelman said in speech at Futuresource, ‘Waste – new thinking for a new economy’ that a Waste Review would look at “new approaches to dealing with commercial waste and promoting ‘responsibility deals’, reducing the amount of waste generated by production and retail.”

Spellman went on to say:

“I want business and manufacturers to redouble their efforts to drive down the waste generated by production and the amount of packaging they use – some of which is, if we’re honest, actually marketing material. Because, as with so much else when it comes to waste, doing the right thing makes sound economic sense.

“Major retailers now report on their environmental performance to consumers and investors alike. Posters on the tube trumpet light-weight beer bottles. Utility companies use energy efficiency to sell their services.

“And, at a time when consumers are tightening their purse strings and investors are erring on the side of caution, what savvy business wouldn’t choose to save money while enhancing their corporate reputation?

“Businesses – inevitably – produce more waste than households.

“For too long, Government attention has been focussed on domestic waste, rather than giving businesses the encouragement they need. Not by tying you up in red tape or by stifling you with regulation. But by supporting you in ways that protects the environment and consumers while encouraging action.

“Using the idea of Responsibility Deals, for example, we will work together with retailers and the business community to continue to drive down food waste and unnecessary packaging.

“You have our support when it comes to both reducing the amount of waste you produce and in ensuring you have the facilities and opportunities to recycle what’s left.

“For decisions to work, they need to be taken as close as possible to the people and businesses involved.

“Some of our waste and resource policies of course, have to be decided at a national, European and even a global level.

“My Ministerial team and I, including the tireless Oliver Henley, who leads for us on waste and has been visiting exhibitors this morning – will be active at every level.”

This message was repeated as the Waste Review was launched on 29 July: “How voluntary ‘Responsibility Deals’ with businesses can play a role in waste reduction and more efficient use of resources”

‘The Cooperatition Incubator’ will be providing feedback to the review from a competition law perspective, and you can send in your own comments.

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