Coalition may be ready to “rethink competition law” observes Wintour

Writing in The Guardian on 28 December 2011, Patrick Wintour  identifies competition law as an area where consensus in the coalition could drive reform:

“Jesse Norman’s latest attack on crony capitalism shows there is a thirst for action amongst influential thinkers on the Tory benches. He says of the two distinguishing features of crony capitalism: “Business action loses any relation to the wider public interest and business reward is separated from business merit. Crony capitalism is what happens when the constraints of law and markets and culture cease to be effective. Entrepreneurship and value creation are replaced by rent-seeking, and certain groups become enormously wealthy without taking risks.”

“Norman argues that this makes for a less efficient and unbalanced economy. This could be the big domestic political dispute of 2012. Conservatives in this camp believe Cameron can pull off an intellectual heist by presenting himself as the man to rescue Britain from the predatory crony capitalism that Labour had allowed to develop.

“Their argument is that crony capitalism really took root in the late 1990s when the Bank of England ceased to be responsible for systemic risk in financial markets, the doctrine of inflation targeting was institutionalised, and the banks were allowed to ramp up borrowing. All this occurred under a Labour government, 10 years after the sudden deregulation of financial markets under Thatcher that was known as Big Bang.

“Under this argument, issues such as corporate governance, tackling short-termism among investors, rethinking competition law and building strong regions around new democratic institutions such as city mayors will come to the fore. They will be the building blocks for economic growth.

“There is an appetite for this agenda across the coalition. Ed Miliband’s half-formed outburst against predatory capitalism could be wrested from him and become the new consensus. Politics is that fast and cruel.”

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